Itís a Joy Music Studio believes in bringing the joy of music to people of all ages and skill levels, encouraging self-expression through the use of music, and developing a sense of community by sharing music with others.

I am Joy Ciaffoni, the founder of Itís a Joy Music Studio. My studio is located in beautiful Lake Oswego, Oregon. I have been teaching individual voice and piano lessons from my home studios since 1998.

My teaching philosophy is to make learning music enjoyable for the student no matter what their age, skill level, or past experience may be. I have taught many adult students over the years who had negative learning experiences as a child. One of my greatest pleasures is to give them a new model of music to embrace. Students of all ages benefit from the confidence gained through learning music. I am especially delighted to see teen-aged students, who are learning who they are and becoming more comfortable in their own skin, grow into confident individuals. With my youngest students, I love to see the excitement in them when they make music on their own for the first time. I strive to keep this energy alive with gentle guidance and constant encouragement.

Music is a wonderful means of self-expression. Lessons are geared towards finding the students' authentic sound through the tools of music. Developing musical skills provides a vehicle for self-expression and aids in building self-confidence. I encourage my students to share their talents with others through recitals, studio workshops, jam sessions and open mics. These avenues become a rewarding experience that gets them in front of an audience and connects them to others who have similar interests.